The morning

Whether golden or grey

Is always full of promise

be it city sounds or sea

Or the still mountain

The morning is new

The morning is hope


Witchy self care diy

Organic body scrub

Brown sugar
Olive oil
Honey (from farmer’s market!)
Aloe gel (from indoor garden aloe plant)
Rosemary & lavender essential oil (from indoor garden and extracted in organic oil)
Mix ingredients, add intent while mixing. Draw a bath and focus on intent while using scrub and soaking, rinse in shower to purify self and cleanse body.

Virtual Grimoire

Personal Tarot Spread September 2017

1 – This card signifies your major concern or obstacle- Strength; courage & patience

2 – This card talks about your current challenges and complications- 2 of Wands; planning, progress, decisions.

3 – This card reveals the hidden factors that you need to know affecting your current situation- The Fool; being a free spirit

4 – This card represents new ideas, people, or things that can help you grow further-    Ace of Wands; Power, Creation, Beginnings, Potential.

5 – This is the indicator of what you need to do to be successful or what you should avoid to fail- ReversedKnight of Wands; haste, scattered energy, frustration; The Knight of Wands reversed indicates delays and frustration, getting nowhere, and feeling anger at obstacles and at being denied what you want to have. This card, in the reversed position, represents a loss of personal power or the negative use of power. It can indicate that you are trying to camouflage or compensate for your inability to control this situation. Accompanying emotions may involve a loss of self-esteem and pessimism.


Virtual Grimoire

The Olympians are the main 12 gods who live on Mount Olympus.

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Hephaestus, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus,

Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis.

Zeus-King of gods, storms, thunder and lightning

Poseidon- Zeus’s brother, King of the sea, Earthquakes (Horses?)

Hades-Brother to Zeus and Poseidon, King of the Underworld Tartarus, S/O Persphone

Ares- god of War

Hephaestus-god of Fire, Craftspeople, Metalworkers, Artisans

Apollo-God of the sun, Music, Poetry, Fine arts, Medicine

Hermes- Messenger to the gods, Trade, Commerce, Travelers, Thieves & scoundrels

Dionysus- god of Wine and revelry, partying

Hera- Queen of gods, Women, Marriage, Childbirth

Demeter- Goddess of Harvest, Agriculture, Fertility, Fruitfulness, Mom to Persephone

Hestia- goddess of hearth home and community

Athena- goddess of War, Wisdom and practical arts

Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty’

Artemis- goddess of hunting and the moon